Jan 7, 2007

The game starts now, who's here is here, who isn't, isn't (Roberto Benigni - La vita e bella)

Making art is the only way I have left to fool myself that I am not mediocre; soon enough I will be rocking the greatest venues in the world. There is this Sesame Street video with Elmo and Ricky Gervais, where Elmo is having hard time falling asleep so Ricky comes to sing him a celebrity lullaby introducing himself as an unbelievably famous person. He spends about a minute trying to convince Elmo he actually is a celebrity. When Elmo finally accepts it, it turns out that the song Ricky had prepared is a noisy one instead of being a lullaby. That is what I am for myself, someone that’s trying to convince me that he is important, that he can do great things and is terribly persistent at it.

I want to be in the game so I am playing as if I were already in so that maybe when I will actually be in I’ll already know all the tricks.

I like to look at art from the outside. Outside is safer, you get a better chance of escape, once you fail; or a better chance at getting away with it.

I work with anything that comes at hand and is fastest to make, so that I can quickly get rid of what I have in mind so something new can easily get on board. I totally stand by what Noel Gallagher said referring himself to music: "songs fall out of the sky in a moment of inspiration and you have to be ready for it". My mind has to be clean and always ready!

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