Feb 12, 2016

Artists are no big deal (insult)

Artists are garbage 
Artists are the true modern capitalists 
Artists are liars 
Artists will sell you anything 
Artists believe in nothing
Artists are outdated 
Artists are selling you a dead discipline 
For artists it's all about marketing 
Artists do not speak for themselves 
Artists are some of the laziest people 
Artists rarely work 
Artists have no point of view 
Artists see nothing
Artists are mostly drunk when they work 
Artists work so little compared to how much they earn 
Artists often hire someone else to do their work 
Artists romanticize their life 
Artists are the real dilettantes 
Artists have no idea about politics but give opinion all the time 
Artists earn corporate money but play leftists 
Artists have no true principles 
Artists are profitors  
Artists are no big deal 
Artists often don't even know how to draw or paint 
Artists are the biggest charlatans 
Artists are often paranoid or even crazy 
Art has died still artists profit from it as if it were alive 
Artists and curators are modern illusionists 
Artists are spoiled by the rich class so they better represent their interests